Healing Your Hidden Hurts

When past events have affected you in negative/unhealthy ways, feeling stuck, depressed or anxious can deteriorate your quality of life. Failed attempts to make changes on your own can leave you feeling hopeless and frustrated. With the right support and trauma focused treatment, healing and change are possible. You have it within you to survive and thrive. With non-judgmental, effective, practically interactive, solution-focused counseling we will join you on the path towards your goals.  Your voice can finally be heard.

Upcoming Episodes
September 23, 2014
Are Black Men Endangered Species: Life Outside the Prison Industrial Complex
Is the role of Black men changing in America? Join us live as we host a paneled discussion among community leaders to learn about the rise in violence against and amongst Black men, feared responses of the Black community, and how we can change this dynamic together?

Featuring Pastor Michael Jones, Marriage and Family Therapist Nathan McGuire, and President and General Manager of the Recorder out of Indianapolis Shannon Williams.